30 East Drive, Bed and Breakfast Pontefract

  • 30 East Drive, Wakefield, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF8 2AN, UK
  • http://www.30eastdrive.com
  • £52 - £99 per person per night

This is one B&B the owner DOESN’T recommend you stay in, it has that much history (and having witnessed events for himself) even he won’t stay there.

The owner is an Ad man and film producer. When asked why he bought the most infamous haunted house in Europe? He said he had recently made a movie about the house called “When the Lights Went Out” and was looking for ways to promote the movie when the house came up for sale – and was cheap!

THE HISTORY: Jean, Joe, Phillip (15) and Diane (12) Pritchard moved into Number 30 East Drive, Pontefract in August 1966. Almost immediately, during the hot summer Bank Holiday, Phillip and his Grandmother first witnessed a baffling phenomenon – a fine layer of chalk like dust falling, not from the ceiling but from a level below head height.

This was the beginning of several years of incredible, inexplicable events; green foam appearing from taps and toilet even after the water was turned off, the tea dispenser being activated resulting in all the dried tea cascading onto the work surface, lights being turned off and on, plants leaping out of their pots and landing on the stairs, cupboards shaking violently, photographs being slashed and an endless list of levitating and thrown objects – including a solid oak sideboard.

When both Phillip and Diane were beginning to exit adolescence, the activity reached a new climactic height with Diane’s long hair suddenly standing on its end, followed by her being dragged kicking and screaming up the stairs, an event that left her seriously traumatised and with clearly visible finger marks on her throat.

Dubbed ‘Mr Nobody’ by the local press in 1968 and simply ‘Fred’ by the family – this poltergeist is recognised as being one of the most violent in European History.

A quick search online will provide you with more information about both past and present events, or simply visit the house website for a comprehensive list of incredible recent happenings, visitors’ comments and images:


THE ACCOMMODATION: 30 East Drive has 3 bedrooms: 1 double, 1 single and 1 small single in which the bed was recently, noisily destroyed by the poltergeist. The bed is now fixed, so if you are excited about sleeping in this, the focal point of much of the historic activity (and you are on the diminutive side) you now can. But once again, the owner recommends that you don’t. The one guest that has partially managed to spend the night there was pinned to the bed in a state of paralysis and terror.

The accommodation is for adults only but children are welcome if parents are prepared to take absolute responsibility for them, not least as poltergeists are known to have a particular fascination for adolescents. Please bear in mind that the house can sleep a maximum of four people in beds, though most people simply huddle together downstairs in the front room praying for dawn.

It is difficult finding a housekeeper for a house like this so PLEASE NOTE that bedding is NOT provided, so please bring your own bedding or sleeping bag. And whilst this is a bed and breakfast forum, PLEASE ALSO NOTE that because of the unique nature of this experience – there is NO breakfast provided either, so you will also need to provide your own sundries. A kettle and tea/coffee are available and there is a pub nearby.

Finally, there can be no guarantees that ‘Fred’ will play ball of course (though there has been a significant amount of activity of late) the property is bound to leave a lasting impression on you.

PRICES: £52-£99 per person per night (1-4 people)

Prices do NOT include breakfast or bedding.

NB: The accommodation only has beds for 4 guests (the maximum number for private groups, larger special interest groups of up to 10 can be accommodated, see website for details:


The owner CANNOT be held responsible for ANYTHING* that happens to guests, all guests take full responsibility for their own safety as it really is one of the most haunted houses in the country.

*Physical, psychological or otherwise, guests of a nervous disposition or with a heart condition are advised not to visit.

If you’re brave enough to make it to the next day and wish to visit places around the area, there is Pontefract racecourse, xScape, Pontefract Castle to name just a few !

Tea / Coffee Making Facilities